Banana Thai F1


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Banana Thai F1

Juicy Fruit Thai x Platinum Banana OG BX1

Banana Thai is a cross we made during our original Platinum Banana OG BX1 projects.  We had a local clone labelled Juicy Fruit Thai.  I had my major skepticism, but could tell it was an NLD so I said what they hey.  we bloomed her out and she was an 11 weekish Thai type that smelled like a juicy Fruit gum.  And the high was nice and clear like a good Thai is… slowly creeping on you.  We crossed this to our Platinum Banana OG Kush BX1 line to increase an already impressive resin production, reduce flowering time, and increase overall density.  What resulted was what I feel was the pinnacle of our work with the Platinum Banana OG.  The high from the resulting hybrid isn’t just clear headed and anti anxiety.  It was a roller coaster. It was actually, not really fun to me.  It came with heavy paranoia and white knuckling and usually NLD plants don’t hit me like that.  I had felt safe because of how the mom smoked, but this hybrid routinely spits plants with this extremely racey high.  Not only that, it’s gorgeous.  So there have been a few diff releases – F1 (which were only given away or auctioned) S1 only sold through a seedbank unless direct through me: F2s that have been made by Denali also exist. There are also KILLER hybrids people have received from me that were made by Surfweedguy.  This line has become bigger than a hyped strain could ever get in its legend of its racy potency and old school Dankness. Candy Banana, Juicy Fruit Gum and oldschool kind bud.

9-11 weeks flowering time. These are the only time these will be on the website.

10 Regular Seeds Per Pack

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6 (Six)


9-11 Weeks


F1 – First Filial Gen


Platinum Banana OG BX1


Juicy Fruit Thai




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