Blubba Kush


Blubba Kush

SoCal Pre98 Bubba x Blue Bonnet

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Blubba Kush

Bubba Kush (SoCalPre98 Cut) x Blue Bonnet

We offer three different versions of the Bubba x  Blue Bonnet combos, and realistically two of them may be the same, but we kept them separate for provenance sake.  This is for the SoCal Pre98 Bubba x Blue Bonnet AKA Blubba Kush.  Here;s a lisrt of the others available:


1, Sha’s Bubba x Blue Bonnet – The old Bubba, unadulterated, classic, and sourced properly, no question the original bubba to circulate our scene

2, (Blubba Kush 0 SoCal Pre98 Bubba Kush x Blue Bonnet – This MIGHT be the same as Sha’s Bubba, however this was for sure the clone that went around So Cal in the mid 2000s.  The cuts visually and smell, high, all of it seem identical, but not 100%

3. (Peaberry Kush) Katsu Bubba Kush x Blue Bonnet – This is the beautiful, super purple and frosty bubba from back on the overgrow and cannaworld boards. Breeds some beautiful chocolatey notes.

10 Seeds / Pack

8-9 Weeks Flowering



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