Blueberry Mac Muffin F2


Blueberry Mac Muffin F2

The Mac #1 x Blue Bonnet

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Blueberry Mac Muffin F2

(The Mac #1 x Blue Bonnet) x (The Mac #1 x Blue Bonnet)

The Mac #1 is took the world by storm in 2018-2019, created by Capulator.  It’s one of the most resinous plants I’ve seen to date – super incensey sweet gas…so hard to explain what that smell entails, but for the advanced, the non terpinolene end of haze is very abundant. Beautiful purple frosty buds – really unparalleled in that aspect, however pollination of this cut has been nigh impossible for most.  Took a few different attempts but we finally got her to show off her pregnant belly.  The Blue Bonnet is a timeless and classic Blueberry line (originally bred by DJ Short) bred towards the direction of the blueberry muffin terps by none other than Lonestar of Texas Resin Company. The Blue bonnet male was a broad leaved afghani dominant guy, which is rare for finding that blueberry muffin smell in the more afghani dominant creatures in the blue realm.  Not only does he impart blueberry muffin terps to whoever he touches, he also drastically shortens flowering time as well as increases sexual stability.

Flowering Time – 8=11 Weeks (variant)

Yield is moderate


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