Bluesphemy (White Runtz x Blueberry IX)



(White Runtz x Blueberry IX)

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(White Runtz x Blueberry IX)

White Rutnz is another strain I hadn’t given serious thought until recently – aggain, because of my dislike for sherb and cookies breeding, but a GOOD friend told me to have an open mind and give it a shot.  It became a good candidate to overwriting what Blue Sherb really is.  The White Runtz is every bit Sherb in every way and I remember being wholly underwhelmed by the pre existing Blue Sherb cut, so I figured, lets do this shit right.  It’s also a good way to lure the modern generation into trying some of our other offerings that are even more along the line of what I like doing.  I’m very glad I have folks in the Cannaluminati pushing me to try some of the new new and having the foresight to see that I can make it 10x better than it previous was.  It’s time to show these cookies brats how its really done with their own stuff!  And if I love it, I know a good portion of you will as well.


10 Seeds / Pack – SUPER limited

8 Weeks and DONE


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