High & Lonesome – Mountain Pearl (Silver Pearl x Appalachia) HALF PACK


Mountain Pearl

Silver Pearl x Appalchia F3

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High & Lonesome

Mountain Pearl

Silver Pearl x Appalchia F3

Silver Pearl clone out of Ohio is one of my absolute favorite breeding cvuts.  It’s terps are impossible to describe – slightly uniquely sweet bubblegummy with poopy understones.  She’s a resin producing machine, though slightly leafy and potency is mild despite its very quality high.  H&L Took his Appalachia F3 Selected male and gave her much needed potency, better bracts to leaf ratio, making her much easier to trim – shes easier to run outdoor now, as well.  Overall, a stellar improvement of a fan favorite.  Mango / Bubbelgum / Chemmy / Skunky progeny to be seen.

These are EXTREMELY LIMITED and IN DEMAND, so they are being offered as half packs to make sure enough people have a shot at them.

Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks

5 Seeds per Pack


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