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Mz. Jill Genetics

Plum Soda aka Jillybean Black Cherry

(Black Cherry Soda x Jillybean)

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Mz. Jill Genetics

Plum Soda aka Jillyban Black Cherry

(Black Cherry Soda x Jillybean)

  • Smell
    Sweet candied cherry with light citrus undertones.
  • Flavor
    She tastes just like a bowl full of cherry jelly beans with a hint of citrus.
  • Appearance
    She is a medium to tall plant. Her foliage can range from bright green to many shades of burgundy to almost black. She has medium to large spear spaded resinous buds with orange hair, sometimes the buds will also take on shades of burgundy to purple.
  • Effects
    She has a euphoric, happy, bubbly, uplifting giggly high. She is said to make a great aphrodisiac Good for light pain easing menstrual cramps. She is amazing for PTSD, depression, anxiety and stress. May relieve ADD, ADHD and schizophrenia.

Everything is super limited – these are 5 seeds a pack- show some love and support to the first lady of cannabis, Mz Jill.

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