Santa Cruz Goat Farm – Arcata Trainwreck S1 Feminized


Santa Cruz Goat Farm & The Cannaluminati Present:

Arcata Trainwreck S1

FEMINIZED – 7 Seeds / Pack

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Santa Cruz Goat Farm & The Cannaluminati Present:

Arcata Trainwreck S1s

FEMINIZED – 7 Seeds / Pack

The Arcata Trainwreck, a legendary classic from up in Norcal, lots of mystery and stories surround this cut.  What history I have learned has come by way of our good buddy CSI Humboldt who ALSO occasionally sells his own reversal of Trainwreck S1s that are equal in all ways – there was an original cut that was around 96 that was grown that slightly differs from the cut that AE/Eric from HPRC sold through the clubs there as Trainwreck.  But he’s pretty sure they are very closely related. The cut folks have today is the one from AEric.  I’ve seen it express lemony / terpinolene, catpiss / terpinolene, slightly skunky and every combo inbetween.  It can be grown and fed to push and of those directions.  So when people call  things “Trainwreck” terps – they’re referring to the witch hazel / terpinolene smell – and if that’s all you’re getting out of the wreck, you’re not nailing it correctly.  Expect flowering times to range 9-11.  Trainwreck has a bad wrap for being prone to intersex traits, however once dialed in, this is not a concern.


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