Terp Queen (Blue Garlic x Santa Cruz Blue Dream) Feminized


Terp Queen

Blue Garlic  x Santa Cruz Blue Dream Feminized

8 Seeds / Pack

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Blue Garlic is an original release from Blueblood Genetics – (gmo x blue punch (warrior extract lemon og x purple punch f2))

A mouthful, I know – I honestly wasn’t super interested in it until Pac from SC Goat Farm brought me some bud of it.  I hit some out of the VRIP, looked at Bryn and said – “Holy shit, this has all of the flavors of the world in it”.  It’s not a light statement – it is like taking a pack of diff flavored hard candies (dont wanna get a C&d so I wont name a brand) and sucked on all of the flavors at once.  It also breeds true for this super terpy trait.  The Blue Dream is imparting this wonderful berry / perfume / floral / myrcene heavy profile on top of this candy explosion – it’s a real treat, especially for you extractors out there.  This is the dark horse of the pack, IMO.

Flowering Time: 8-10 weeks, depending on exactly where your preferred sweet spot is.

8 Seeds / Pack


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