The White x Hawaiian Lites / Lights


The White X Hawaiian Lites / Lights

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The White x Hawaiian Lites / Lights

The White is an amazing cut that I have a really hard time classifying as any one thing in particular.  I initially want to call it a hashplant, however it doesn’t look like the puck or the pnw. Its a gorgeous indica dominant plant with earthy / mushroom terps.  It really shines in its copious resin production.  When crossed to the right partner, it lets the terps from the father shine through and with the amount of resin potential, it can be a hashmakers terpy dream.  We also found this by crossing The White to our Blue Bonnet male.

Expect a flowering time of 8-10 weeks (depending on when you like to harvest for effect)

The Hawaiian Lites males in this project were mostly broad leaved afghani types, strudy and hearty structure, but fast growing like their female counterparts. The females expressed some heavy pineapple / tropical scents all the way to the kushy earthy scents, so expect the males to pass on similar in their progeny.

These clones were chosen to enter the room for the hawaiian lights open pollination project.  Nspecta has been the most amazing mentor during this whole NL project and kept me in the loop at every selection up to and including helping choose which were going to be good mates and why.  I also got to see his thought process, which for any seed maker at any level, is an apprenticeship i couldn’t possibly afford to pay for. With that said, it was done with the precision and quality you can expect from any normal CSI Humboldt or Riot Seeds release. Never too old or proud to be a full student.


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