Two Guys Won Cups – Original Sin (Loompa’s Headband x Appalachia F2)


Two Guys Won Cups


(Loompa’s Headband x Appalachia F2)

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High N Lonesome


(Loompa’s Headband x Appalachia F2)

Two Guys Won Cups is one of the special Cannaluminati projects brought to you by Breeders Syndicate.  High & Lonesome has been doing his Appalachia work over a decade and continues it further with this installation of Loompa’s Headband meeting his Appalachia F2 male.  Loompa’s headband is a traditional OG Kush type with a lot of traits similar to Triangle and Daywrecker / Original Diesel as well as the leaf cannibalism trait from Chem 91 / The Dog.   Expect to see some major variance in this hybrid and some FASTER finishing plants with heavy OG dominance good for the Oregon / WA finishing times outdoor!


8-11 Weeks

Og Kush / Mango /Skunky / Gas and everwhere inbetween.


pics by SupremeAutist from the Breeders Syndicate Discord


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