Blakk Licorice / WTF breh – Rootbeer Poly via Skunktek x Punchy Blewster F1



Rootbeer Poly via Skunktek x Punchy Blewster F1

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Rootbeer Poly via Skunktek x Punchy Blewster F1

It took me a minute to remember exactly what these seeds were that me and skunktek had run through my seed blowers at my house. He had one line of a hybrid with Skunktek & meangene that I enjoyed that was [(Granola Funk x Rootbeer BX1) x (Josh Diesel)]. It was super black licorice and just really stony and strong. So a few years later I was cleaning out old stuff and found bag with a few premie seeds and said screw it let’s toss those in and see what comes of them.


So they’re amazing plants, but the smells were not the direction I would’ve anticipated and to be honest it reminds me a lot of a bland old afghani line – at first I was disappointed because it wasn’t anything terp wise like I wanted or was expecting; and I didn’t want to sell this as a blueberry rootbeer if, indeed, it’s in name only. I’d be a hypocrite. So I wanted to state here what we have is a super potent blank canvas to apply punchy blewster to – and those genetics for the black licorice smells from the rootbeer gmo funk are in there – just takes a little dig. And there was extreme black licorice goodness In it.

So knowing allllll of that, how likely is it to hit those coveted Black Licorice terps?  They’re occurring very regularly per each pack, so odds are high, you get the full experience of the BLAKK.


Flowering time: 8-9 weeks



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