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Show a delay tomorrow

No show tomorrow :(. No one felt like recording or was busy – I have a scooter rally to go to early on so I wouldn’t be around anyway. I’ll see if we can pull off one this week so we still get one in. Inconsistency drives my OCD nuts – it’s like having a special set of cards of 5 and only having 4. So frustration hits me heavy when it misses. Hopefully we can make up the episode!

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Quick message about instagram

Hey everyone, I no longer have @riotseedco on Instagram. James Loud of Loud Seeds and his buddies Masonic went in a reporting spree last night to successfully take down the account. James confused me for someone else who actually does have paperwork on him showing that his cooperation led to the arrest and conviction of 60 others. That paperwork is freely available to the public, however I don’t dox folks so I will not be posting his real name here. They obv play by diff rules than we do, reporting, cooperating.

All this to say – remember – you vote with your money. Know who you are supporting. There’s some genuinely bad people trying to take advantage of uneducated buyers in a market that they themsleves aren’t educated in.

A lot of folks applaud me for taking the hits in these fights and putting my balls on the line to do it. I appreciate the recognition, but we ALL need to do it as a collective voice. This isn’t about cancel culture. It’s about keeping what we love pure and safe, as well as keep eachother safe. If one of us is the type that presses Chinese Z bars mixed with dope and kill a few kids – and then serve no time because they helped convict 60 people under them (not allegedly, this is ALL on paperwork, however his real legal name is on it so I will not include it bht you can find the full report on Flanvel’s IG page @the_wu_tang_flan)

Again, I apologize if you are the type that is here for good vibes and good times and hate drama and don’t want to be involved. Unfortunately this scene is so dirty that before we can enjoy it, we MUST clean house. We HAVE to. It has been mostly myself the past 15 years pushing back consistently without ever giving up pressure. I was very ineffective as one person, which has led to the scene being as out of control as it is.

From the pre-pre artists pretending to Have Beatrix Choice or Williams Wonder F2s to tbe IG accounts run by some rundown crackhead from Compton that looks like someone doper ain’t making fake accounts of every big seed maker with just one slight difference in the name – my favorite part about that / the people getting scammed the hardest by that individual are the ones that support him/her the most. They think his / her trolling is awesome and funny, when in reality they’re giving him money for some seeds he got from someone who sent them in to him to grow for free. This is cannabis now.

So if you’re supporting podcasts that bring these guys on, ask yourself how aligned with cannabis and the underground scene are they really? I can promise you no one that I know or respect would come near folks like that with a 20 foot pole. Certain popular weed podcasts and channels are knowingly bringing on snitches. And they’re cool with it.

Are you?

@riotseeds and @breederssyndicate are fully run and operated by myself.

RIP to the riotseedco account – do yourself a favor and block @_riotseedco on Instagram – that’s one of the ugly ladies accounts where they sell fake versions of my seeds – he also used this account to report me and notsos suppprters. So be aware and vigilant. They can’t report you from the account if they’re already blocked on it.