Blue Cookies Redux (Florydah OG x F1 Durb) x Creamy Punch


Blue Cookies Redux

(Florydah OG x F1 Durb) x Creamy Punch

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Blue Cookies Redux

(Florydah OG x F1 Durb) x Creamy Punch

Creamy Punch is (Silver Pearl x Blue Bonnet) x  (Punchy Blewster)

Bargain Bin Testers EXCLUSIVELY for Patreon Members – These are currently about to go in the testing round. The Floryudah OG (i hate how its pronounced and spelled) Pollinated by a reversed F1 durb was one of CSI Humboldt’s and myself collab projects we’ve been working on.  We sourced the mother cut of both of these and figured it was HIGH TIME to see what other expression aside form Thin Mint pop out of this pairing.  As the plants were first growing, I was seeing mostly cookies smells, with slightly looser structure in some, and mostly more narrow of leaves than most inbred cookies.  As flowering progressed, the scents modified and there was a world of beauty inside of these girls.  Everywhere from Gingerbread, Urine, Merlot and Champagne to the dankness of OG combined – this is the exact scent description of the mom, describing it to the best of my ability.  It is so much more unique and better smoking than the Thin Mint, in my humble opinion.  So be sure to grab the seeds for the mom from this site while supplies last under CSI Humboldt x Syndicate fems.

One of my most popular and renamed by others lines I’ve ever produced was my Cookieberry Line aka Blue Cookies.  When you can combine deep almost artificial blueberry Jam notes into lines like Cookies, it takes it to another stratosphere, however this mother cut was already so unique, that I truly don’t know where it’s going to take us.  Normally I’d keep these seeds for myself, run them and see, but we have so much else going on right now that I wanted to give these seeds the opportunity to see the light of day.  And because they’re untested, the price will reflect that.

NOTE: There may be some errant subterfuge pollen hidden in these if it hermed – ive seen a few pop up already in my own testing

10 Seeds per pack at $30 a pack – until they are tested, then price goes normal.


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