Blue Universe (Ms. Universe x Creamy Punch)


Blue Universe

Miss Universe (Dynasty Genetics) x Creamy Punch

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Blue Universe

Miss Universe (Dynasty Genetics) x Creamy Punch

Creamy Punch is (Silver Pearl x Blue Bonnet) x  (Punchy Blewster)

Bargain Bin Testers EXCLUSIVELY for Patreon Members – These are currently about to go in the testing round. A while back, Professor P of Dynasty Genetics laced me up with a killer flower card package.  He, first off, is an insanely killer grower.  So many amazing lines that stood our like Mochalope and Megafauna, but at the top of the list for terps for me, was the Miss Universe. It was this KILLER mega cherry girl, beautiful resin production and loud with cherry, fast growing and fairly narrow leaf.  Luckily, he also sent me some seeds of it, so this last year I ran some outdoor and pollinated the most cherry of the bunch. It didn’t make a ton of seeds, so instead of an initial release, I decided it was best to get as many out in hands as cheap as possible so people can find and choose their own insane winners from this stuff.

Can take all sorts of feeds and medium without any intersex traits seen in either mother. Again, VERY mold resistant and takes wild temperature fluctuations extremely well.  Prof P did a KILLER job on this old line!

NOTE: There may be some errant subterfuge pollen hidden in these if it hermed – ive seen a few pop up already in my own testing

10 Seeds per pack at $30 a pack – until they are tested, then price goes normal.


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