Blueberry Scone


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Blueberry Scone

Wedding Cake x Blue Bonnet

Wedding Cake from Seed Flunky is basically a regular occurring expression from the Triangle Kush that was found in clone form and whored out as nauseum.  I’ve found very little I enjoy about this cut as far as “high” goes for my liking, but it’s a copius resin producer, great for cropping, and a familiar hype beast name.  I’ve made a few crosses with it, but have only found one that was worth putting out name by.  The doughy sweet scents of the Wedding Cake combined with the Blue Bonnet male to make for a deliciously intoxicating smell of Blueberry Scones.  The original tester name for this line was wedding berry, however after many grows done, it’s apparent now that the best name for the line is Blueberry Scone.  It’s conclusively a bakery delight. Super short flowering times of 8 weeks, this hybrid has been repeatedly showing up in the respectable high 20% – low 30% THC range  – and regularly clocking in around 3% terpenes hovering around the high myrcene mark.

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