Red Menace


Red Menace

Bubba Kush (Socal Pre98 Cut) x Dj Short / Dutch Passion Flo worked line by Alkaline Man.

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Red Menace

Bubba Kush (Socal Pre98 Cut) x Dj Short / Dutch Passion Flo worked line by Alkaline Man

Bubba Kush, the classic gorgeous hybrid of Nl/OG from Florida made its mark during the mid to late 90s era of dank kush cuts floating over from the FL boys.  It can range from chocolate, earthy, soapy, kushy, and everything inbetween.  With this vibrant range of expression along with shorter flower times, nug density, resin production and potency – i decided this would be one of the few mates I would introduce this beautiful red leaved male to.  The Flo via the old release from Dutch Passion and Dj Short was worked by breeder Alkaline Man towards what he thought was DJ’s description of what the elusive “Rosebud Flo” expression was like.  It’s a uniform line with super floral, perfumey and HEAVY INCENSE / Nag Champa / Frankincense type scents.  Not super potent on its own, VERY hard to grow and sensitive to nitrogen, it was a line on its own that wasnt super commercially viable, but had all of the traits of an amazing breeding partner.  We now have a 8 week flat finishing red /purple / black plants with heavy kush expressions in structure and resin production with the exotic terps and really unique high of a thai type.  Truly unique in our breeding program.

Here’s a direct quote from someone who has grown and flowered her:

@Tajchaffin on instagram:

That special flo cut must have an affinity for kush type? We got to run out the red menace with the so cal pre98 bubba x rose flo. The mouth coat was like kushy marshmallows, tart citrus, dads cologne and some woody rose 🌹 notes. That first exhale leaves an indelible mark on the sense memory.. That wax a plant that wasn’t super impressive on the nose until cured. But once you smoked it woweee!

8 weeks flowering

10 seeds per pack

High THC testing if in excellent env.

Decent production for a kush as well.



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