Bubbleberry V2


Bubbleberry V2

Indiana Bubblegum Clone x Blue Bonnet

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Bubbleberry v2

Bubbleberry is an old classic combination – done by many many before me including the dude who brought me in the game, James Hawg. His version always sat with me as my favorite – so this is an attempt at a recreation of the bubbleberry I experienced in San Diego during the early 2000s. The bubblegum cut actually allowed the blueberry syrup terps to shine and lock them in – making this the most reliable strain for finding those deeply sweet blueberry syrup terps. You can also find what you’d expect in a blueberry big league chew type smell. The taste is nothing short of mouth coating – bubblegum brings heavy terpene content and it doesn’t disappoint here. Extremely mold and pathogen resistant, it can do well outdoor in the NorCal Climate and finishes flowering in 8-9 weeks indoor.


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