CSI Humboldt x Syndicate – 5150 (Triangle S1 Selection) x Giesel Feminized – 7 Seeds Pack



5150 (Triangle S1 Selection x Giesel (Reversed)

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5150 (Triangle S1 Selection x Giesel (Reversed)

Triangle Kush is often credited as the clone that gave OG Kush its life and legs.  While she isn’t as hard terpy in the pine / floor cleaner terp zone, she has made some of the worlds best hybrids in regards to potency and quality.  The 5150 is a selection done by CSI from his large pop of the Triangle Kush S1s.  5150 is the beast with the triple threat – yield, potency, and better terps than TK.  Overall, if you’re a fan pf triangle, giesel can bring back and reinforce a lot of the mouth coating qualities that Triangle Lacks.  Amazing idea by CSI to include it in this round!



Flowering Time – 8-10 Week

7 Feminized Seeds Per Pack



The often imitated, never duplicated, and my choice for Queen of the Chems and Sours… Giesel aka G’s Diesel.

There is a lot of debate about its lineage, which can be found on our codex, however it’s either the Chem D hermed onto Mass Super (Chem D doesn’t tend to throw live pollen when herming via stress) OR The Super Skunk pollinated itself, which I was known to constantly throw live pollen.

So it’s one of the two, and after extensive runs of our first few rounds of S1’s, I lean to it being the Selfed Super Skunk.

With that said, CSI took up the torch and did a much bigger reversal of her and that’s what we have here.  Giesel itself can be very lanky, however it can produce some short and squat offspring, and it really depends on the expression you pull.  One of her main traits is her big bulbous bracts and a trademark buttery skunk scent. It’s not offense dead meat roadkill skunk, but it is a blend of savory and skunk spray, for sure.

Why this clone took forever to catch on is behind me, but because it didn’t have Chem or Sour attached to its name, most folks passed it by.  Don’t be one of those folks, come get this stuff before it’s gone.

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