CSI Humboldt x Syndicate – Dogshit x Giesel Feminized – 7 Seeds Pack



5150 (Triangle S1 Selection x Giesel (Reversed)

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Dogshit x Giesel (Reversed)


Out of all of the clone onlies from the 90’s on, its very hard to find a consensus as to what is TRULY an Elite cut.  We try to define that as a clone, a large portion of the growing population hunts for, receives and 90%+ all agree that it’s fire.  Very few clones have ever fit in this category – and most of them were post OG Kush phase.  But The Electric Boogaloo aka Dogshit, to this day, is still turning the heads of even the younger generation, bringing some of that FOMO to the table when they realize that there was actual dankness prior to OG Kush.  We want you to experience this as well.  Both of these dance partners are in my top 10 GOAT cuts, and if you grab these, you’ll soon see why!



Flowering Time – 9-11 Weeks

7 Feminized Seeds Per Pack



The often imitated, never duplicated, and my choice for Queen of the Chems and Sours… Giesel aka G’s Diesel.

There is a lot of debate about its lineage, which can be found on our codex, however it’s either the Chem D hermed onto Mass Super (Chem D doesn’t tend to throw live pollen when herming via stress) OR The Super Skunk pollinated itself, which I was known to constantly throw live pollen.

So it’s one of the two, and after extensive runs of our first few rounds of S1’s, I lean to it being the Selfed Super Skunk.

With that said, CSI took up the torch and did a much bigger reversal of her and that’s what we have here.  Giesel itself can be very lanky, however it can produce some short and squat offspring, and it really depends on the expression you pull.  One of her main traits is her big bulbous bracts and a trademark buttery skunk scent. It’s not offense dead meat roadkill skunk, but it is a blend of savory and skunk spray, for sure.

Why this clone took forever to catch on is behind me, but because it didn’t have Chem or Sour attached to its name, most folks passed it by.  Don’t be one of those folks, come get this stuff before it’s gone.

We also have hybrids available for a brief period of time in stock:

Giesel S1

Sour Diesel x Giesel

Chemdog D x Giesel

Irene Kush x Giesel

5150 Triangle Kush S1 x Giesel

Bubba Kush x Giesel

Pineapple x Giesel


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