Hawaiian Lites / Lights F2 Open Pollination – Half Pack


Hawaiian Lites / Lights F2 Open Pollination CSI / RIOT COLLAB – HALF PACK

Northern Lites #5 x White Widow

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Hawaiian Lites / Lights F2 Open Pollination CSI / RIOT COLLAB – HALF PACK!


This pack contains 6 seeds instead of the normal 12 seeds in the CSI collab packs.  Get a smaller amount for a smaller price!

Welcome to part two of the Breeders Syndicate Historical Strains adventure.  We present to you Hawaiian Lights.  In its brief appearance in the known cannabis world, tons of speculation and intrigue surround this line. What we do know about this line is that it comes via the NL Crew and Seattle Greg, and we were told the it was NL #5 x White Widow.  So we bring to you a faithful representation of an open pollination of Hawaiian Lites. These seeds came from the same bundle / find as the NL #5 were.  We are also releasing some hybrids with the Hawaiian Lites.

So what’s it like?  It’s actually more Broad Leaf D. Type than the NL#5 were.  Some beautiful, super super resinous plants reminiscent of an afghani like Alien Technology.  We have tons of beautiful, tropical scents with the Pineapple pheno being the heavy standout. There’s also more muted and somewhat hashy kushy types in the mix. This weed visually can compete with any modern line.  Pictures shortly to follow and we will probably do a small breeders syndicate episode on these like we did the NL 5


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