Northern Lites / Lights #5 CSI Humboldt – HALF PACK


Northern Lites Reproduction


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Northern Lites / Lights #5 Open Pollination Collab with CSI Humboldt

THIS PAGE IS FOR A HALF PACK OF SEEDS (6 in the case of CSI collabs)

40ish seeds open pollination with the lot of  Northern Lites / Lights #5 Seedline.  This is a faithful reproduction of what was given to us as Northern Lites #5 by (One of the OG Northern Lites crew).

12 Seeds per pack

Pineapple, Tropical, Citrus, Bubblegum, STANK RANK, Earthy – LOTS of variation, a lot of it is very afghani dominant,  but definitely some sativa influence up in these guys and gals. IF you want to breed with NL #5 this is the place to start..


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