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Shoreline x Appalachia F2


Shoreline – this is the one.  The texas clone only that smells like hot garbage, catpiss and dare we say skunky?

The Appalachia – loving referred to as Appy, is one of the most well used and underground strains that gets a lot of name changes and not nearly enough acclaim. She’s won cups under the name “Bay 11”, she’s a backbone for other well known breeders lines like the homie Bodhi.  It’s a hybrid of the clone only Green Crack x Tres Dawg.  Green Crack is one of my favorite clone only croppers from the early 2000s.  Super over ripe mango essence, known to have beautiful purple colors with the slightest bit of cold and a great energetic high for most folks.  She is a large yielder and a fast flowerer, most were pulling her at 7 back then, but 8 weeks does her fine.  The father was a Tres Dawg male – a bx3 to ChemD via Topdawg Seeds.  What this combo produces is a fast flowering, what most people would call a sativa leaning high, that stomps mudholes in lines like C99 and Apollo. This is the next generation of production for those who care about quality and pedigree.  Available ONLY from High & Lonesome Seeds.

Flowering Time: 9-11  weeks

Yield: Large Potential

THC: High, grower dep.


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