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Punchy Tewster AKA Punchy Blewster F2

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Punchy Tewster AKA Punchy Blewster F2

tester name: Punchy Tewster


This one has been a journey. When I originally made the Punchy line I was a bit dismissive of people’s reception to me using a clone like Banana punch. I’m not adverse to using modern lines, however during the time I was more focused on old stuff so it was a bit off the range. I loved skunkteks cut he brought me of his selection of Symbiotics Banana Punch. Shout out to my homie who made the punch supernova gardens, too. He’s not mentioned nearly enough and despite people hating on Purple Punch for its potency – they don’t have a CLUE on what this can do for breeding. There’s cuts that you grow to crop, and some of those are crappy breeders. Gelato 33, best example. Good for cropping but trash for breeding. It’s fully inbred commercial cookies at its worst imo. And I’ve tried with it so I’m speaking from experience as the first dummy to make s1s of those cuts. But then sometimes there’s cuts that have more value inside them than can be seen with the naked eye or observed by smoking it. Sometimes it’s the actual genetic data inside that needs unlocking with the perfect partner. I find grape scents and blueberry jam scents to be the ideal partners in a lot of cases with this being the prime example.


I did 30 something bonnet crosses overall and chose to take a few forward – and it was a hard choice. Punchy F1s were given away as a promotion to help start a seedbank that no one had ever heard of. You know how friends go for friends? Well that was how we got to see a bunch of these grown out really fast. And peoples minds were blown. My mind was blown. The breeding potential of that banana punch cut was unlocked and Game Genied (I’m old, this dates me, I know) via the bonnet male. And that bonnet male is special and unique enough to pass that linked visual trait with the raised leaves. Punchy Blewster f2s, while inherently being more diverse than the original release, will still hold very true to the original looks and smells. Bonnet is very uniform and true breeding for several traits and that really tightens up generations as a whole, so expect way more uniformity than you’re used to seeing in f2s.


We have grape koolaid, grape fun dip, blueberry jam, blueberry grape jam explosion, double grape berry cheesecake – all caked in resin and beautiful purple shades like the folks love and demand. It’s has a seriously potent high, delivers the THC % that all the uninformed custies demand to see and have – and the terp % for bonnet work is crushing the game and regularly over 3% total terps and in some crossed over 7.5%


We are here to break every tradition and idea of what blueberry is and how it should always have been.


Flowering 8-9 weeks with the occasional 7 fast lady. Really proud of this


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