NotVeryPunchy – Mandlebrot’s Headband x Chemdog D (CSI) x Punchy Blewster F1 male



Mandlebrot’s Headband x Chemdog D (CSI Humboldt) x Punchy Blewster

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Mandlebrot’s Headband x Chemdog D (CSI Humboldt) x Punchy Blewster


So the homie SpacedInvader was already running and doing selections of his own on CSIs LA kush x Chemdog D when we were talking about starting the projects together – and his grows of it sold me on his capability. His selection is STRONK STRONK. Super STRONK. it’s how a double up of super skunk goes right – and happens often when you introduce the la kush (not a kush but a super skunky / sour diesel type that Mandlebrot called Headband) and chemdog D (we are pretty sure it’s Chemdog 91 x Sensi Seeds Super Skunk, however people have stories and reputations to “protect”) so we can pretend I didn’t say those parts out loud for the sensitive folks. So right away I was like – this makes sense for the project – CSI is one of my closest friends on earth and we can make a line where we see all kinds represented. If I coulda found a way to smuggle in pac and h and l it woulda been perfect but obv less uniform. Lol.


So what we get here is a different take on the super skunk double up x grape berry explosion.


What occurs is usually a middle ground of berry grape with booty funk mostly popping up with the lower % of bland diesel types with pretty banging highs but not much berry A and a small % that are this beautiful, tiny little acrid berry type that hardly yield but 10 grams but it is wicked strong pot that smells like ammonia blueberry – if given a proper veg time and root space this expression pops up regularly in lines like this, the skunk spray Chem x blue bonnet, sour bonnet, and a TON in the daywrecker diesel x blue bonnet. So if you’re a hunter and want to find extremely triple dank headstash that will white out your friends – check out this line or any of the others above.


Flowering time will be 8-11 weeks – because a diesel type is involved you will see the 11 weekers push their ways through.


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