Santa Cruz Blue Dream S1 (Feminized)


Santa Cruz Blue Dream S1’s Feminized

8 Seeds / Pack

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The long awaited return of the Santa Cruz Blue Dream S1’s – this time by homie Santa Cruz Goat Farm! He’s a native Cruz boy, and has been holding the clone since the 2000’s and it’s one of the Syndicate’s absolute favorites.  As a breeder, as a smoker, as a grower, she checks every single box.  If you pull her at 8 she can express way more berry, if you pull her at 11, shes way more super silver hazey. All in all this is a real treat for those of you who missed the original.

History says she’s a hybrid of Dj Short’s Blueberry and a Super Silver Haze male, and based on her growth characteristics, she does seem to be exactly that.

Flowering Time: 8-12 weeks, depending on exactly where your preferred sweet spot is.

8 Seeds / Pack


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