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4 Phenotypes of Bluewrecker – Green Mountain CG Grow

4 Phenotypes of Bluewrecker grown by GreenMountainCG

Original Diesel aka Daywrecker aka Diesel #1 x Blue Bonnet

In the Blue Bonnet, I learned so much more about breeding than I have from every other line.  One of those lessons was that Super Skunk scent expressions tends to dominate the blueberry scent expressions when crossed to the blue bonnet male that was selected. That means Chem 91, Chemdog Sister S1/ShamdogD, Giesel, Original Diesel, Sour Diesel, Skunk Spray Chem, etc will tend to dominate MOST of the females.  These 4 different phenotypes are a perfect example of phenotypical and scent expression variance from very berry, to very little berry.

Pictures #1 – #3 Bluewrecker #1 ” Down @ 53 Days. To my eye this is the heavy Blue Bonnet leaner {comment from Matt – he is totally correct} with the heavily praying leaves throughout flowering, early finish, and bud structure I’ve seen pop up in other Bonnet crosses. Nose is a mix of Bonnet with a heavy dankness from the Daywrecker as the base.”- Green Mountain CG

Pictures #4 – #7 Bluewrecker #2 – “Down at 60 Days. Leaning a little more towards Daywrecker than the first one with a stronger diesel nose and better yield of rock-hard buds.”- Green Mountain CG

Pictures #8 – #12 “Bluewrecker #4 – Finished at 9sh Weeks, This one in my opinion is a heavy daywrecker leaner with the strongest astringent nose and knobby bud structure. She picked up some color and a bit of the bkueberry nose in the Background from the Blue Bonnet. I’m pulling this one as a keeper of the pack.- Green Mountain CG

Pictures #13 – #15 “Shown at 9ish Weeks, This one moves one step further towards Daywrecker in over all structure and a much more astringent edge to it’s nose. Grown in 3 gallons of amended, water only soil so there is a lot of room for improvement in a 2nd run.” – Green Mountain CG