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Cookieberry V4 OGKB x Blue Bonnet

Cookieberry V4 OGKB x Blue Bonnet grown by Ned Kelly Outlaw on IG.  This is their final day.  In MY opinion you can see some heavy Purple Urkel influence via the OGKB.  This pheno was described as Blueberry Muffin / Crumble.  So a really gorgeous purple blueberry terped princess.  OGKB can be a stubborn seed maker, not sure why, but thats been how most people feel that have used the actual cut.  MIND YOU, Mose people that say they have that cut more than likely have the Bay Platinum Cookies (same ogkb leaf look, similar type of pheno, however the original is MUCH more resinous than the bay platinum) or they have an ogkb dominant hybrid with the same type leaves.  That OGKB leaf crinkle can be found in Purple Urkel S1’s – be sure to grab those from the homie CSI Humboldt!  We were able to make a limited amount of really decent seeds. Perfect germ rate, and that grapey gassy blueberry is awesome esp in extracts!