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Had a killer weekend with Santa Cruz Goatfarm!

And he dropped off some killer stuff people have been waiting for – it will be on the site early this week. Took a long time to catch up on sale shipping so apologies for any delays and hopefully those folks enjoy the extra freebs.

Not only that but I have a bunch of samples of these that I’ll be reviewing over the next week of some of these hybrids including the 88 Afghani x Trainwreck and let me tell you – the SC Blue Dream x Trainwreck is so on point. It’s been years since I’ve held bud of and smoked the old cut of Blue Dream and I can finally say this is the GIRL. goddamn. Anyway, we will also be doing some goat farm audio recordings soon – after a weekend of picking his brain, I was very impressed. Not many of these dudes ever pop out of the wood works that are so on point with the no talk code, so how it all fell together in the first place was so random and really special in the end. Very looking forward to work closer with Pac in the future even more than just carrying the seeds.

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