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Hey everyone!

Apologies – as some of you in the discord know I’ve been down sick for a good week or so. BUT one thing I was able to do from bed was scan in an amazing amount of old awesome articles about strains. I’ve also been documenting the… well really never retold story of Cannabis and specifically High Times impact on American Punk Rock and Mod culture in particular. It’s something I’d never expected to find – being from that particular subculture and usually associating cannabis with the more “hippie” or Rasta subsculture, it’s amazing to go back and see the punk rock roots so heavily emanating from the NYC crew running High Times during that era. It was a different time when cocaine was as hip as English tea in the UK.

Anyway, if you wanna check any of this out, hit the discord and go through the channels. We have specific channels devoted to diff topics. See ya there!

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