The Blue Cream aka Silverberries


The Blue Cream

Perfect Pearl (Silver Pearl S1 via Souvenir Seeds) x Blue Bonnet

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The Blue Cream

Perfect Pearl (Silver Pearl S1 via Souvenir Seeds) x Blue Bonnet

Perfect Pearl was a line created by Pipsweed of Souvenir Seeds – his S1’s of the Silver Pearl cut out of Ohio.  That Silver Pearl cut is one of my favorite cuts in existence hands down.  The high, the scents and flavors, the unreal resin production – it ticks every last box.  Before I was passed the cut, Pip made the S1s and gave me some to grow.  Luckily they were super uniform for scent and high, but basic change in short vs tall.  We selected the taller expression because the shorter ones had too close of node spacing and were super leafy.  We crossed this to the Blue Bonnet – and we didn’t ever expect to release them, however it was definitely going to culminate in a future project. Once we started going through these – along with assistance from the homie Subrob, we found these plants to be not just keepers, but insane keepers.  The hash is unreal, next level.  Every trait of the pearl combined with the potency of the bonnet., super fast flowering made for a line I would put up against any of my best creations.  Because theyre so unique and special, we’ve decided to put some packs out, however we are currently working this line even further now.  Props to Pip for even introducing us to the pearl.  special stuff.

8 weeks flowering

10 seeds per pack

High THC testing if in excellent env.

Hash makers wet dream.

Decent production for a kush as well.



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